What To Do With Food Scraps

In living a sustenable lifestyle, the key to remember is that many things aren’t supposed to be thrown away, as there must always be something to use it for. This is especially true with food because a lot of what you use for cooking and preparing have wastes that can actually be used for something else. Here are just some examples:

Meat – if you are still fond of eating meat, then you must know that you even the bones and other bits can be used to make stew, which you can prepare other healthy meals for. Just boil this and add potatoes and carrots with a little bit of seasoning, then you’ll have a deliciously hearty meal in an instant. You can save money on this because you use up everything you buy from this meat.

Bread – stale bread can be cubed or sliced to become croutons, which is perfect next to salad meals. All you have to do is to brush the bread with olive oil and garlic after slicing off and then set it in the overn for baking. Instead of throwing old bread away, you can still recycle it as another form of food.

Other Food Scraps – these can make good compost and it is actually a concept that even people in the ancient times have been adpating to. Compost is better than fertilizer for fattening the soil by which to plant your vegetable garden. If you don’t want to plan this though, try to sell your scraps to farmers who can make use of these as animal feed.

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