Tools To Use for Thriftstore Finds

Do you like buying from the thriftstore? You can score a lot of really cheap items inside a thriftstore. But let’s face it, most of the items sold at these places have been used, and perhaps abused, by its previous owners. Although they can still be used, these items have to be cleaned, washed and repaired well to restore it. Most vintage gems are like this anyway, and the more “used” they appear, the better they look.

If you’re into thriftstore stuff and vintage finds, you actually need a few basics when it comes to restoring these items and its upkeep. Below is a guide on what you should have and how you should use it:

1. Magic Eraser. This is a really nifty tool to have. If possible, bring a pack of this with you when you go thriftstore hunting. If you see an item you like and it has stains on it, you can sample the area and see if the stains can be removed by wiping or scribbling the magic eraser. This tool works with really stubborn stains, so have as many in stock at home as you need.

2. Goo Gone. This is another product that works really well with restoring mouldy and oily vintage finds. All you need is to let this product sit on the item and wipe off with a clean cloth afterwards.

3. Cloth diapers. These actually make really good wipes for delicate and vintage items. Best of all, it’s washable, and more practical to use than disposable wipes.

You can actually purchase all of these items at the Dollar Store, for cheap.

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