Detoxifying Your Fridge Contents

We all use the refrigerator to preserve food and prolong their use. But unknown to us, this ice box can also be a hot bed for toxic substances that can affect the health. The dangers of food becoming poison is a result of either:

1) the food is in itself really way past its expiration date, even as it is in the fridge, in which case, these must already be thrown away or use as part of a compost for your outdoor plants.
2) the container, such as the tupperware, plastic or cans that are used to store the food and leftovers. Take note that many of these may be laden with BPA, a substance that, overtime, can mix into the food particles making it toxic.

To clean out the contents of the refrigerator, you really have to take everything out first, and examine each of the items inside the container.

Use baking soda to wipe away the fridge’s surface. Baking soda is a lot safer to use, as it is natural or without chemicals. Of course, you don’t want to use chemicals on the ice box itself, as this only adds to its toxic levels.
If you want the fridge to smell nice, rub or wipe lemon to the surface, before finally wiping it all out with clean water.

Replace containers with glass types, as these are safer to use overtime. Throw away plastic and styro containers. You will notice that using this will also change the qualit and the taste of the food.

Have your fridge regularly checked for maintenance as well, so that the unit remains to function fully and really help in the preservation of the food.

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