Simple Green Ways To Shop for Christmas Presents

Black Friday is done, but you still have Christmas gifts to pick out? Before you do, check out these few tips to help you with shopping in the greenest way possible this season:

1. Having a list is always important, because you get to set your spendings with time and money, when you are out shopping. Lists cuts impulsive purchases and detours you make at the shopping mall. What is equally important is that you stick with this list and fall well within your budget for buying Christmas presents. This way, you waste nothing.

2. Buy local and hand-made. Supporting small businesses is good not just for the environment but also for the economics in your community. You help sustain your own community, so that others, who work in farms and the like, may continue to have their jobs.

3. Consider going through your old stuff before buying anything. This isn’t to suggest regifting, but you can probably give some of your things away to charity, or sell it at a thrift store, or hold a yard sale first, and then use the money to purchase gifts you will be giving to friends and family.

4. With e-commerce conveniently accesible 24/7, you can do your last minute purchases online and do away with the hassle of lining up at the cash register or actually picking out stuff at the crowded and busy mall. You also save yourself from growing dizzy looking for items, when you can easily just do this with a few button clicks on the computer.

5. Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags. Lots of it! And tell the clerk at the store, everything you buy will no longer be bagged because you have your own.

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