How To Keep The Living Room Green & Healthy

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 1.31.54 PMMost families hardly spend their time in the living room. But it’s important to still keep this in a healthy, eco-friendly condition because the living room is where one spends special occasions or invite guests over.

Below is a checklist of what you must do keep this space up to par with eco-standards:

1. Change the lighting fixtures to save on utilities. Look for LED lighs or CFL types. Even though you don’t have to use the living room daily, energy efficient lights are the more practical and sensible choice.

2. Turn off and unplug any electronics in the living room. If you can find a power strip to use, then have that in the living room, so that you can conveniently turn this on and off, especially when there is no one around to use the space.

3. As far as furniture go, wood is still the best choice because it has less formaldehyde in its manufacturing and composition. Better if you use refurbished wood and stripped to reuse at home.

4. Make sure to put a lot of plants around the house, so that the space can have a nice atmosphere around it. Decorate with items that are made from eco-friendly materials.

5. Cover your fireplace, if you have one. Do this especially during Spring and Summer, when the fireplace will most definitely not be used.

You don’t really have to buy brand new stuff to improve the look of your living room. You can get good and usable tables and chairs, or couches and other decorative stuff at flea markets and thrift stores or even garage sales.

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