When Is It Okay To Buy Used Items?

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 8.10.34 AMFlea markets, garage sales and second hand shops remain popular and in operation over the years because a lot of people prefer to buy used items and adapt these as their own pieces. It’s actually good to buy used items once in a while. But not every piece you buy may also qualify.You have your health and sanitation to consider beyond sustainability and recycling.

Which items are better to get as second hand then? Below is a simple guide:

1. Any home furniture and fixture. Buying these brand new can be really expensive and if you don’t have the budget for a brand new table to update the look of your home, for example, you can get better deals at a used item shop. You can be in luck finding real treasures at stores like these, because some furniture pieces may turn out to be antiques and collectibles.

2. Clothes. Contrary to popular belief, second-hand clothes can be sanitary, if you know how to wash them well after buying them at the thrift stores. You can soak them in baking powder, water and vinegar for at least a day, before dumping these in the machine. With kids, especially, buying new clothes can be impractical since they will easily outgrow this. But of course, you have to put a limit to this and resist buying used underwear. Some shops do sell them, but it’s best not to purchase this.

3. Books. Even with the popularity of the iPad and other e-readers, buying books, particularly with bookworms, still provides that high. You can be better off buying used ones though, including textbooks, as they are 80% cheaper than buying brand new. You can easily expand your library foraging copies at a second-hand book shop.

Have you bought anything that’s been used before?

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