Infographic: Life Cycle of Plastic Bags

This is a really nifty infographic about the Life Cycle of Plastic Bags. And for many years now, it’s been drilled on everyone how important it is to carry reusable, eco-friendly bags while shopping and use that instead of plastic. We all know the consequences and the impact of continued use of plastic bags, but apparently, as this infographic will show, there is still more to it than that. The infographic also outlines how plastic bags are actually thrown away and where these normally ends up, or what happens to it many, many years afterwards.


It’s really important to understand how crucial this is and it’s good that many cities all over the world are actually initiating the banning of plastic use, encouraging more and more people to bring their own bags with them everywhere. Of course, the usual complaint is that sometimes, forgetting to bring a bag can be a hassle, but what’s one little hitch compared to the overall impact of using even just one plastic bag.

While this is only just a small part of what we can all do for the earth, imagine if we all do this collectively and daily? The hope is that education about plastic use reaches more people and more people learn to do away with plastic completely.

So, go ahead and share this infographic to your friends and family and social media connections.

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