Keeping The Bedroom Eco-Healthy

bedroom-ideas-hulsta-2 Spending a bigger part of our life in the bedroom, it’s always a must to keep this room on the up and up when it comes to our health and sanitation. There are many little ways you can achieve an eco-friendlier sleeping area, by doing some changes:

1. Grow plants in the bedroom. It may not be conventionally on everybody’s choice, because plants are normally found in the living room or the dining area. But a small pot in one or two corners of the bedroom can do a lot of wonders for the space. Plants can help with the air around the room, as much as it is a decorative piece that creates the ambience. If you’re not fond of keeping plants, a vase with fresh flowers can also do.

2. Switch to better bedding choices. While there are lots of these in the market, from wrinkle free bedsheets to the most innovative gel-infused mattress, these may come laden with loads of chemicals. Imagine the surface you will be sleeping on if its made this way. Go with more organic choices and be sure to buy those that are truly certified organic.

3. Change the room lights to LED lights. One of the problems with having LED lights is that it is actually expensive to change the fixtures all over the house. Since you spend most of your time in the bedroom, why not begin changing the lights there and see how much it can help you cut your utility bills down.

4. The weather is currently cold since it’s still the winter season, you can put off using airconditioning and just make do with natural air or use the fan to help cut down on waste of energy.

Have you made small but significant changes to your bedroom in order to “live green”?

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