Preventing Flu With Natural Ways

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.42.01 AM Plenty of people seems to be down with the flu this time of the year. Expectedly, it’s because of that cold breeze sweeping through the air. Flu cases exempts no one. I mean, not if you’re generally keeping tabs on your health and packing on Vitamin C. Or if you have made sure to get your flu shots.

Still, you can make adjustments and find ways to keep this virus at bay using the most natural methods at your disposal.

1. Rest. Rest. Rest. Flu virus attacks those with lower immunity system and if you are not getting enough sleep and rest, you can bet your immunities are down and weak against the bug. Get enough sleep so that you give your body a chance to recharge after a full day activity.

2. Drink plenty of liquid. In most cases, water and drinking lots of it (at least 8 glasses a day, as recommended by doctors), helps your system flush down all the toxins that weaken the body against any virus attack. Get yourself hydrated to boost your immunities better. You can also drink fresh orange juice or lemonade alternately with water, as these are rich in Vitamin C. You will know when you’re suffering from near-dehydration when you start getting headaches and your urine is a bit darker in color. So drink up!

3. Always wash your hands. It’s a simple gesture that is most often overlooked. This is something we normally remind the kids, but adults can also benefit from washing hands before eating anything to keep germs off.

Having flu can really set our bodies back for days. So before it even strikes, it’s always best to do these preventive measures.

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