Gifting Handmade Gifts You Didn’t Make

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 3.11.41 PMI especially like handmade gifts because it comes with a personalized feel to it. It’s also cheaper to do, because you can just buy the materials yourself and spend time creating the gift. But the problem is, some people are not particularly crafty. It would be shameful to give gifts you’ve made when these that do not really pass a quality or standard. You can still give handmade gifts though, give or take shelling out a few bucks more.

1) You  can pay someone to do it, while providing the materials needed. You will need to pay for the labor cost and also provide the specifics for what you want created.  It’s still personal, it still cost a little less than you would bought a commercial product, and it would be a made really well.

2) You can source out handmade gifts at gift shops. Gift shops are a dime in a dozen, which means, you are still most likely not to find what they have in most stores. Plus, they mostly sell items that have only a few kinds each, so you don’t have to worry about the item being mass produced. They may cost a lot more than you intend to pay for, but the idea of gifting something unique and personal is still there.

3) You can source out craftswomen or shops online. Depending on your arrangement, you can have one created based on your preference and instructions or you can pick from their slim choices. They tend to be a lot cheaper than actual stores because their overhead cost is low.

The thing with handmade is that these are gifts that did not go though any ardent process to make, mostly everything is organic, which is why a lot of eco-friendly patrons love gifts like these.

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