Why Telecommuting Helps The Environment

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 4.43.04 PM When Yahoo’s new female CEO announced recently that all employees will be prohibited from working at home, the news was not as well-received by many sectors. Many criticized it for its rather backward view of how telecommuting or working at home works in this day and age and one group that is vehemently against it are the working mothers who find the convenience of telecommuting and balancing work and family life to their advantage.

As with anything in running a business with thousands of employees, advantages and disadvantages do crop up. Yahoo’s CEO issued the new policy believing that it will make her team more efficient and effective if they report for work. That is still debatable with some people, though. But as far as conserving resources and energy is concernered, there really are more pros than cons to telecommuting:

1. Gas consumption is lowered, since you or your co-workers do not have to drive to work or use the car. Which then creates a domino effect of less traffic, noise and pollution.

2. Use of e-devices and other electronic means is encourage, which of course promotes the use of less paper since everything is done online, or through the email on the computer. Think of how much paper is reduced by this, and in turn, trees get their reprieve too.

3. Less waste in food and other expenses. When you’re out, you tend to spend more because you have to stop for food and then find your way into the shopping mall buying things you probably don’t need. When you’re telecommuting or working from home, it’s possible to save a few backs in a day since you don’t have to go out.

So, what do you think about Yahoo’s policy change?

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