Golfing as a “Green” Sport

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.23.30 PMAre you a golfer and do you play at an eco-friendly facility? Is golfing a “green” sport? Some say that the deterioration of the environment may be partly blamed on the development of golf courses, of which there are plenty.

But like many other things we have to deal and live with in this earth, some actions can better serve the green movement than others. Here are some things you can do to help the environment even as you play the sports of golf:

1. Use of golf carts should be limited. Walk on the course, as it is good exercise for you and at the same time, you contribute less to the carbon footprint. If possible and if you are a member of the club, push for electric-powered golf carts where you play, to help reduce air pollution.

2. In the same manner, push for a good recycling program in your club, and suggest if the facilities make use of glass and other eco-friendlier items for its patrons, members and guests to use instead.

3. Don’t pollute the course with your trash. Carry containers with you if possible or use trash bins that should most likely be all around the course.

4. Enlist or sign up in “eco-friendly” golf courses and support management who actually work to protect and develop a more natural environment for plants and animals to thrive. The courses and clubs, for one thing, will most likely make use of non-chemical means to keep the greens and other plants healthier. Or they know how to respect environments that need not be touched or alterned, just to accommodate another course, by coming up with conservation programs.


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