Repurposing Jeans To Help The Earth

Mannequin_with_jeansOn average, people all over the world buy over 500 million jeans a year. That number is not bloated. Men, women and kids alike all own at least 2 to 3 pairs of jeans, and some keep owning more. And why not? It’s a versatile piece of clothing.

But with that number of jeans each year, it’s no longer eco-friendly to buy more, especially when the process by which brand new jeans are manufactured can contribute to the earth’s carbon footprint. What can you do to help reduce this?

First, you can choose vintage jeans instead of brand new ones. Go to thrift stores and second hand shops, as these stores are always stocked up on jeans and it’s way cheaper. Besides, used jeans feel and drop better on the body.

De-clutter. How many jeans do you really need? If you have seven or more, then it may not be right to buy new pairs again, unless you dispose of the old ones. This is why when you buy brand new jeans, always go for classic styles that can go with everything, so that you don’t have to keep buying to stay on trend.

If you do have to get brand new jeans, look into label and see if the jeans are made from organic or cotton fabric. These are less toxic and eco-friendlier.

Jeans can still be worn even when it’s not washed, so you don’t really have to do this often. Even manufacturers suggest this, since you take care of your jeans better this way.

Do you have any other ideas for repurposing this clothing? Hit the comments below!

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