Save Trees With These Simple Gestures

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.58.52 AMMany eco advocates have pushed for tree planting over the years. And the fruits of their labor are bearing fruits, so to speak. Sparse lands that were once balding due to the lack of trees are slowly growing these again, thanks to the efforts of these people who are vigilant with their tree-planting efforts. But it’s not enough, as there are more things you can do to help this advocacy. Did you know that you can actually save a forest, even if you do not have to physically be there to plant trees?

Here’s how…It all has involves making the right choices. Many of the things we use, eat or drink come from trees that have to be cut down in order for us to have these.

1) For instance, the envelopes we receive in the mail are made from papers, whose main material comes from trees. If we simply decide to receive electronic mails, unsubscribe from catalogues and other junk, we can help reduce deforestation, as well as clutter in our mailbox.

2) Recycle. A lot of the efforts we do with recycling pays off hugely because resources for raw materials are slowly being depleted by man’s constant need to manufacture and create. But if we recycle, we help with keeping these resources sustainable.

3) Replace palm oil with vegetable oil. Not only are the alternatives healthier, but by using it less, you help the tropical rain forest, where everyday palm trees are cut down for manufacturing.

While these are obviously small steps to take, a lot of it does go a long way. It won’t hurt to do it.

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