Using Cloth Pads During That Time of The Month

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 2.21.34 PMThis is a subject that may make some women feel a little iffy, because menstrual habits doesn’t come up to often in conversations. Yes, even with women. But there’s a need to talk about some of the options women have when it comes to keeping themselves clean and protected when they have their montly period. Specifically, with the kind of menstrual products women use.

Some are probably so use to using tampons, while others rely on disposable pads because it’s very easy to throw this away with every changing. But the problem is, landfills are already filled with tons of garbage, and like diapers, disposable pads take awhile to degrade.

In addition to the eco-friendly benefits of using cloth pads, here are other benefits to using cloth pads instead:

1. Our grandmothers used cloth pads for many years, and some of them have to be at work, too. The kinds of cloth pads that are available now are better versions of what our grandmas used, so they make a woman feel protected, clean and comfortable. In tons of different colors and prints, cloth pads do not come with plastic material, which tend to irritate the skin. They also don’t feel bulky, if you’re worried about not being able to walk right or sit right.

2. Cloth pads are very easy to wash and they also dry quickly. You can purchase in bulk for a much cheaper price than disposable, and just wash this as often as you would like.

3. Cloth pads are without any chemicals. They absorb just like disposable pads, but the great thing is your body doesn’t come in contact with harmful elements. Other people have developed allergies for disposables. It doesn’t happen with cloth pads.

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