Healthier Snacking for Kids

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It’s summer and the kids are going to be home for a few months. Planning what to feed them is going to be a challenge, because in between work and other activities, you might not have any time to prepare them healthy meals. It’s no excuse, however. Summers are really challenging for a lot of parents. But if you properly plan and prepare for what the kids will be snacking on during the course of the day, you can probably still be able to feed them right.

The solution is in stocking on a lot of healthy food choices like fruits. They come with little preparation and they can be ready to eat (give or take some peeling required). Regularly get your fresh supplies of Apples, grapes, bananas and mangoes from the groceries on weekend, so that your kids can feed on them during weekdays when you’re at work and they are with the baby sitter. Fruits are rich and fiber, vitamins and minerals. They have enough sugar the body needs for energy and they also are very filling. You can make fresh fruit salads from these, for variety. Or slice them beforehand and store in the fridge, so that the kids can eat it at anytime.

Next to fruits, nuts are also very healthy and can be convenient to snack on. If you’re children do not have allergies, that is. Try almonds, walnuts, cashews or pili, and have them eat this together with milk for a delicious afternoon treat.

Some vegetables like carrots and celery also make delicious snacks. To make them more appealing to young children, serve these with peanut butter, cheese or jellies, and guaranteed, you will have them munching on these in no time, instead of chips.

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