Microwave Ovens To Become More Energy Efficient

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 2.52.56 PMThe Energy Department in the United States has announced that new microwave ovens will have to comply with the latest standards the agency has set up, so that this appliance become more energy-efficient.

This new directive aims to cut the “vampire load” that is present on many appliances that are working on standby mode. The new directive is reportedly going to cut this mode by three-fourths their current power, so that even as many users of microwave ovens keep their unit on and working for at least 70 hours a year, it won’t consume as much power anymore.

To others, this may not be much, but collectively, saving energy and power will amount to something. That something, researchers say is up to $3.4 Billion or the equivalent of 6 Million homes in America.

The Energy Department has long addressed this problem among kitchen items and other appliances, including air conditioning, dishwashers, dryers and furnaces. And after Microwave Ovens, its moving on to other smaller appliances that also create and use up energy like electronic shavers and toothbrushes because, according to their studies, these miscellaneous devices can collectively bring more wastes and consume energy, especially when demand for its use are so high.

The difference may not be altogether noticeable, but the effects are there and in a few years down the line, it will be felt by future generations.

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