How to Have A Green Pregnancy

pregnancy11Pregnancy can be a wonderful disruption for families. But it’s also a great time to exercise your right to live in a greener and eco-friendlier environment. When someone in the family is pregnant, health and wellness of the mother and the baby is thrusted into focus. Couples are none more aware of what changes have to made (such as Mom or Dad quitting smoking immediately) more than at these time.

Here are other tips you can keep in mind to have a healthy, happy and eco-friendly pregnancy:

1) Think organic. The first few changes parents will have to adapt is in starting a good diet of mostly fruit and vegetables. Going organic, with foods free from pesticide is so important at this time, because the body needs all the nutrients and none of the toxins. The mother also has to learn to do away with certain skincare products and stick with creams, lotions and other grooming items that contain less chemicals (if not completely without chemicals). It’s the same with using cleaning materials at home. It’s better to go with home remedies and organic ingredients. Anything that the mother takes, which the body will process, can be absorbed by the baby, so it’s really good to be aware about all these.

2) Consider eco maternity wear. If you’re buying things brand new, there are plenty of brands that develop and sell maternity wear that’s made of eco-friendly materials. Bamboo textile is one, and it’s also a lot more comfortable during the last trimester, when the Mother’s body feels warmer. If you don’t plan on buying brand new clothes, it’s always best to recycle or borrow your husband’s bigger shirts, or a sister’s old maternity clothes. Besides, borrowing is more practical as you will only have to wear this for a few months.

3) Do away with plastic containers. This is especially helpful when you start buying baby stuff. Plastic containers have the dreaded BPA, which countless of studies have proved to be really harmful even for your little ones. Think conscientiously when you start shopping for baby items, and as with buying food and grooming products, always ask what it’s made from and what are the ingredients.

Have a comfortable pregnancy and a safe delivery!

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