Eco-Friendly Tips For Lazy People

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.53.58 AMIf there’s one thing to keep in mind with living green is that this is no task for someone who is lazy. You need to be proactive about it and you need to commit to all the adjustments necessary. There’s just no excuse for slacking. However, there are some simple ways to still apply eco-friendly living, even if you’re not feeling your best to move about in a day.

1) Do away with less. Hoarders can be somewhat lazy, as they keep on buying and acquiring stuff that they already have, but are probably too lazy enough to look for it. While purging may not be an immediate goal for the lazy person, just simply deciding on buying less water bottles, or using less chemical cleaners, or simply cancelling a magazine subscription in the mail, can already be of help to the environment. This way, the house doesn’t accumulate with stuff that pile up, when these can be easily recycled.

2) Take pleasure in walking, especially when you’re not really going very far from your place. Negate the idea that walking is going to be tiring and painful on the legs, and think about it as a way to appreciate what’s around your community, as well as appreciate the benefits of walking for your body. If you like, you can schedule trips to the nearby mall during the early evenings when it’s a bit colder to walk.

3) Do shopping or paying bills online. If there’s no need to go out, you won’t be spending gas or contributing to the carbon footprint. Online process is the lazy person’s most convenient use for the internet, so take advantage of it!

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