Frugality is Green Living

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 3.32.24 PMFrugality is one of the ways to practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle. When you’re frugal, you’re more than likely to use less resources and also live more organically. This belies the fact that you don’t necessarily have to have money in order to live a greener way of life, as others think. You don’t need to live in a solar-powered house with energy efficient circuitry or plumbing, for instance. Nor purchase pricey organic items. A little goes a long way and everything really starts with being frugal.

1) You can make your own safe and natural house cleaners and other home items. There’s no reason to spend hundreds for expensive items, when you can do these yourself by making use of everyday items you already have at home. Clean kitchen tiles using vinegar and maximize your baking soda use for everything around the house. Easy to find and very cheap. The most you will spend on is probably on the purchase of essential oils to make your home smell nice, but even that is not exactly an expensive purchase. Read up on the internet about the many ways you can make your own cleaning products, including even soap and candles. It should also be a fun activity to do with the family, and a time well spent bonding with each other.

2) You become more aware of energy you use up when you’re frugal. Every drop of water counts, every voltage of electricity matters. So, you do your best to use these less, or only when necessary and you’re also more aware of how repairing home items is practical and necessary, and won’t disregard these as useless expenses.

3) You start to eat more green and grow green food at your home. While not necessarily a green thumb, being frugal opens your senses to the fact that this is not only a cheaper choice, it’s also a healthy one.

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