5 Ways To Reuse TeaBags

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 7.22.59 AMThe health benefits of drinking tea are plenty. If you drink enough cup in a week, you probably have over 5 or so used teabags to throw. But, you don’t really have to throw these away after you’re done with it, because tea bags are not only healthy, they also have a lot of other uses.

1) You can use teabags for your tired eyes. Store used bags on the freezer overnight. Put these over your eyes as a way to get rid of puffiness and see how much it will help rejuvenate it, and reduce the dark circles. Frozen used teabags also work wonders with bruises and cuts, as the tannins will work to constrict the blood vessels.  You can also warm them up a bit to get rid of stye or pinkeye. They help with the inflammation and pain.

2) Steep your used teabags in warm water and use this to clean countertops, oven tops and the kitchen surface. They make great cleansers and won’t leave sticky residue. Similarly, you can also use them to remove superficial scratches on a wooden surface, like a table top.

3) Easily fertilize your plant box with used teabags and mix it with other compost. These will keep the area moistened, preventing the compost from drying out and killing plant seeds.

4) The tannin found in tea make great rust-proofing solutions for your cookware. After every use and cleaning, scrub a teabag over it to coat the pan with a layer of protection.

So, there you have it, the next time you have used up a teabag, keep it for other uses.


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