Too Many Cellphones in Your Drawer? Here’s What You Can Do To Avoid This

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 5.24.55 PMNews have it that Apple will soon unveil its buyback program, giving many iPhone users the chance to replace their existing units with the latest one, should they be willing to do so. This initiative is not new in the world of technology, as there are other companies who offer the same deals for a fair price. Why aren’t many people, however, not taking advantage of this?

According to a recent study, only 19% of mobile phone users have actually thought of recycling their phones when they purchase new ones. With gadgets being sold for over 4 to 5 million every year, it’s fair to say that there are thousands of individuals who own at least two to three units, but only really get to use one reasonably.

Here are other ways you can minimize this from happening, lest you end up with a cabinet full of mobile phones:

1) Don’t jump into the trend right away. If you notice, there’s always a new and improved version of your gadget every year. If you try to keep up and be on trend, you will never find the satisfaction of sticking to the unit for the long haul.

2) Take care of your, including the battery. If you have a phone that is in very good working condition, it would not be so easy to disregard and replace.

3) If you do decide to replace, though, make sure that the old phone is going to go somewhere, where it can still be used. Give it to a relative or sell it to a friend. Or find online sites that accept buyback schemes or recycling schemes. Be a responsible shopper and learn about your options first.

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