Green Tip: Organizing Coupons

woman-grocery-shopping-coupons-280x280 Are you a fan of coupon shopping? Do you take time to clip these out from Sunday newspapers or collect from coupon websites? You probably have a stockpile of this kept in an envelop or a box that it can get so many, you could forget about its expiration date and you won’t be able to actually use it all.

Having a system of how coupons are stored will make it more efficient. You get to save your money when you’re able to use your coupons, but when there is an organized system of keeping the pile, you get to save on time and energy as well.

Here are a few tips:

CONTAINING. The simple the system is, the better. You don’t really have to have a sophisticated binder or a totally expensive filing system. You can probably do with a basic binder, which is available at most bookstores, or trade sheets, which is found in toy stores or hobby stores. Trade sheets will allow you to see the coupons individually, which makes for easier monitoring.

Spending money on containers will be practical, if you plan on using coupons many times. However, you can also repurpose items you already have in the house, such as a ziplock bag or a shoebox, if you don’t want to spend on anything else.

SORTING. Group or file coupons according to categories, such as “frozen food”, or “canned goods”, or “meat products”, or “cleaning products”. This way, you know which coupons to bring when you’re going to do your grocery shopping. You can also sort by store, if you frequent more than one shop using coupons. And as a good measure, keep coupons about to expire above those that have a longer time period.

CLEANING. Every once in a while, you have to do a bit of clean up and throw away coupons you won’t be able to use anymore. Or better yet, give these away, if the expiration date is but a week or so left and you know you won’t be able to have time to shop. This way, you’re helping someone with their grocery needs, and you don’t have to throw garbage and accumulate this.

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