Wonderfull Blume Tampons Review

Blume tampons are a line of organic, biodegradable tampons that are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable menstrual products.

Benefit #1

One of the main benefits of Blume tampons is that they are made with 100% organic cotton, free of pesticides and chemicals, making them a safer option for your body. Cotton is also naturally more breathable and absorbent, which can reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) associated with traditional tampons. Additionally, Blume tampons are free of synthetic fibers, fragrance, and chlorine bleach, making them gentle on sensitive skin.

Benefit #2

Another advantage of Blume tampons is that they are biodegradable. Traditional tampons can take hundreds of years to break down in landfills, but Blume tampons are made with materials that will break down naturally within 5 years.

Blume tampons are also available in a variety of absorbencies, from light to super plus, to accommodate different flow levels. They also come in applicator and non-applicator options, giving you more flexibility and comfort. They also have a discreet packaging, which makes them easy to take on-the-go.

The company also has a subscription service where you can customize your delivery schedule and receive the product regularly, without having to worry about running out of stock.

Some reviews from customers, who have tried Blume tampons, are generally positive. They reported that the tampons are comfortable to wear, and they like that they’re made with organic cotton. They also said that the packaging was discreet, and they appreciate that they can customize their delivery schedule through the subscription service.

However, there are also some negative feedbacks, some customers complained about the applicator that were difficult to use, others had issue with the absorbency of the product, saying that they did not absorb as much as they were expected. Additionally, some also complained about the price, saying that it was more expensive than traditional tampons.

Overall, Blume tampons offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for menstrual products. They are made with 100% organic cotton, free of pesticides and chemicals, biodegradable and come in a variety of absorbencies and applicator options. While they may be more expensive than traditional tampons, many users find them to be more comfortable and safe to use. However, as with any product, they may not be perfect for everyone, it’s always a good idea to try them out and see how they work for you.

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